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Fade in... Chill winds scrape the stark landscape as the opening titles, "Raised By Wolves" appear... Okay… I think I’m ready to take this on…  too . I’ve been promising myself that I would start this blog for months now. I needed something to follow-up after the publishing of my book. I needed to keep flexing the muscles that I discovered during that process. I needed to have an outlet to discuss the issues and questions raised by my writing and give me a place to connect with the growing readership that has so generously allowed me into their hearts… and, I needed something other than Facebook to pour the quicksilver of emotion and observation. Need. Need. Need. Geezus girl, talk about high maintenance! So shut-up and write already… So without further ado… here tis – I was raised by wolves. Girls like me find that we are each like unicorns or aliens, constantly explaining our “phenomenon,” forever acting the shell answer woman for our family and friends about