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"... my only sunshine."

Okay, first… I need a better way to start sentences in this blog other than, “in my book…” but until I find one… In my book , I wrote long and lovingly about Gerhard, my mentor, in art, in life. In true apprentice to Master Artisan relationship, Gerry continues to teach me as much about line, form, light and shadow as he does about lines (of thought), forms (of reason), light (of human spirit), and shadow (of human soul). And… I really have not begun to accurately describe how important he is to my life today. I was regarded, along with a small handful of students who went on in life to remain as close to Gerry as I am, as one of Gerhard’s Sons. As a transgender woman, it was even harder to give up that title than it was to give up the title of my father’s son.   Especially since, I am convinced, tho’ my own wife and sisters think me crazy, that my father would’ve welcomed me as his daughter, had he lived to see me. But I digress. I am the woman I am today because of almos