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Confessions of the new girl

RBW 7 “Confessions of the new girl.” Okay…   I recently had a “come-uppance” from a dearly cherished big sister, Alex. I’ve been developing a TV dramedy series based on my book, “Getting Back To Me – from girl to boy to woman in just fifty years,” with the amazing and fabulous Valerie C. Woods. Through Grace (I don’t believe in luck, per se ) and dear friends, we are blessed to have the best of the best to sign on to play the character based on me. The incomparable Alexandra Billings. The great news is, we started to become friends before I even approached her about the script. We both share being married to the most amazing women on the planet for over twenty years. And tho’ the divine Ms. Billings transitioned when she was in her 20s, we also share an uncompromising world view of the preciousness of this life—lives that just wouldn’t be denied despite everything we tried. Something Alexandra calls the “gift.” I’m telling you this to point this week’s spotlight at