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Bumbling p(h)ool...

Posted on  February 12, 2020  by  scottiejeanette Best laid plans of mice & women… I had hoped to follow-up last week’s string of near and total  whiffs  (okay, I still have a few sports dialect filters running) with a stand-up double (to keep the baseball jargon, a’flowin’) or at least a solid line drive up the middle… I wasn’t swingin’ for the fences (or so I thought) heck, let’s be real, I would’ve been happy for a full-count walk…  Sigh.  Lauren Chamberlain batting in the first game of the 2018 NPF championship. Star of the USSSA Pride I don’t wanna lose faith in the  boys  of summer (or winter spring or fall) but I am beginning to wonder what went wrong… with guys in general, I mean. Or in this case the men of Bumble, Tinder and Plenty of Fish. They are, so far, turning out to be as cliche’d bad as everyone warns me they are. Even my dear friend Chris (a veteran  dude , if ever there was one) just shakes his head, not at their b*llsh*t, but at my naïveté.  But i