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Massachusetts Sun Shine

I’m not sure if I should watch the news anymore. Even my sane spaces are cray. I don’t trust anyone to give it to me straight, except (and here goes, I’m outing myself) Trevor, Rachel, Sam B, or Joy. But even they are at a loss to describe the events of our country right now. Each night, I’ve gone to bed with a stomach ache and a bloody tongue… but not for the reasons you may imagine. Being Raised by Wolves, and especially being a Madden, the bile that rises in my throat when  injustice  rears its ugly head usually poisons my tongue as it sharpens my wit – and then I will cut you. Deep. And that’s not only scary. It really hurts my heart to think I’m capable of even fantasizing someone else’s destruction. The other day, Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced in the committee hearings for Sen. Jeff Sessions. Silenced. An obscure parliamentary rule was used on one of the prominent women in our Senate as she read from the 1986 testimony of another prominent woman, Coretta Scot