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The Wire

I get asked all the time. How is your family taking this? How are your friends accepting … this? It’s … complicated. No … that’s bullsh*t. I'm sorry, but it’s not complicated at all. People seem to think they can reserve the right to stay stuck about a girl who was raised by wolves. They seem justified in believing that somehow, suddenly, I’ve become a pariah, that all of my accomplishments are wiped clean, and now that I look way cuter in a dress, they treat me as if I am no longer capable of feelings or worthy of their respect or, God forbid, their love. Yeah, I know. Dumb as a box of rocks, is that notion. Stupid  beyond  belief. And it’s a lot like the time in one of Mylove's previous marriages, when the guy said, “It’s the dog or me.” And she replied, “Thanks for making it easy." ("Mylove" spelled as one word, for those of you new to me and us and "Raised By Wolves," is my beloved wife of 27 years.) It’s not hard to dismiss idiots fro