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christmatyme: Rudy to the rescue (the rest of the story)

In the careful what you wish for department, Scottie gets a lesson in keeping a weekly blog. As you may remember, back on the other side of the Christmas Holiday, I promised a sugar cookie of post, to give myself time to recharge my creative batteries and come out blazing in 2017. And so I posted tow installments of a story I wrote to brighten my sister KJ oh-so-many years ago... But as luck, scotch tape and gingerbread would have it (not to mention Cedar Planked salmon, Italian Brined Turkey, chestnut ildroast with tomato raisens, pinenut toffee, and every appa-teaser you can name - those of you who have read my book know, this is my time and me and my kitchen create a hurricane of food for those I love) where was I?  Oh you I was making an excuse for not posting the rest of Rdy's adventures...  I'm sorry. Here it is. Merry Christmas - It's going to be a big year for all of us - and for those, who once again, find ourselves getting  further  from the America that is p